Terms and Conditions

Membership is open to all and acceptance is entirely at the discretion of the management.

Smoking and/or use of any abusive or illegal substances is strictly prohibited within the club premises.

The member shall have only user rights of the facility provided by the club, as per the terms and conditions of the membership and/or rules and regulations framed from time to time, without any lien on the property and assets of the club.

The management reserves the right of the club. Any person seeking club membership may be admitted, subject to approval of his or her application by the management and the decision shall be final in this regard. Once the membership is accepted, no refund or transfers are applicable.

The management may suspend/cancel/terminate the membership of any member in case of any misconduct and/or indiscipline, committed by the member or his/her dependents and the decision of the management in this regard shall be final and binding on the member.

The management reserves the right to change/alter/amend any membership admission fees or charges of the services and their taxes, respectively as applicable at the club at their discretion at any time without notice.

In case of any injury/loss/damages sustained by any member or his/their spouses/dependents/guests/attendants in the club premises, management shall not be liable for any damages or claims.

Certain limited restrictions may apply sometimes, or in exceptional circumstances, the said service or benefit may not be available. When this occurs the management will endeavor to give advance notice, but there will be no liability whatsoever on the management in this regard.

Members may be asked to present their card on every visit to the club. All bills presented for any facility/services or consumption would have to be settled directly in cash or credit card.

In case any member or his dependent/spouse/guest is damaging the property, he/she shall be directly liable to pay the damages incurred or as decided by the management.

The voucher and discount provided to the members are subject to any specific action or guidelines provided with the same.

The facilities of the club have been provided for the rejuvenation and relaxation of the members. Please do not indulge in any activity that would hamper the peace and harmony of our fellow members.

All the complaints will be adhered to by the management at the earliest possible basis, kindly do keep patience.

Guest entry – only three guests are allowed at one time and three times a month at guest charges as decided by the club.

Guest Rules shall be altered/changed from time to time.

Outside trainers are restricted from sports activity. They won’t be allowed as guests as well.

Proper attire and separate shoes for every sports activity (gym, table tennis, badminton, squash, swimming).

Personal training charges are separate from tax as applicable and ought to be paid at the reception.

It is mandatory to carry the cards or respective vouchers at the time to enter the club premises and avail of the necessary services or discounts.

There is a limited parking facility available at the club premises, which can be utilized on per first come first basis. No reserved parking is available for members.

Personal training sessions would be considered for the specified session but within 30 days of the enrolment date.

Pets are not allowed inside club premises.

Guest/maids/guardians will have to pay the necessary guest entry fee, irrespective of the usage of the facility.

No child under the age of 16 is allowed in the gym area.

Activities.                                                                              Age.
Swim                                                                      5 years and above.
Gym                                                                         16 years and above.
Card room                                                               18 years and above.
Alcohol                                                                    21 years and above

This criterion has to be fully fulfilled. Minor using any facility has to be accompanied by parents (members) and The Club is not responsible for any accidents.

The card Room Facility is available for all members and can be utilized by paying the consumable charges as Guest Entry.

In case of power failure, members need to cooperate.

Any facility under maintenance – needs to be kept closed, please cooperate.

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