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About The Thane Club

Our History

Pinnacle of Elite Living

Elevate your lifestyle at The Thane Club, where luxury meets well-being in the heart of Thane. Immerse yourself in divine fitness, exquisite dining, and premium recreation, creating moments of rejuvenation for you and your loved ones.


As the pinnacle of elite living, our club boasts world-class amenities and a chic atmosphere, offering an exclusive community experience. Committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle, The Thane Club provides its members with unparalleled well-being offerings.


With over 3000 delighted members, we stand as the epitome of prestige in Thane, ensuring every moment spent here becomes a cherished memory with your family. Join us at The Thane Club and indulge in a perfect blend of sophistication and vitality.

Embrace vitality and camaraderie at The Thane Club, where an active life unfolds with our state-of-the-art gym, invigorating Yoga and Zumba studios, and a variety of sports activities. De-stress amidst friends and family in our vibrant community setting, fostering a culture of connection and well-being. 


Elevate your lifestyle – inquire about our membership programs, and let us guide you through our club’s offerings. Book an appointment today for a personalized introduction into a world of fitness, fun, and a thriving social experience. Your journey to a sporty, active life begins here!

Our Club Offerings




Adara – Banquet Hall In Thane

Banquet Hall

Become a member today and enjoy exclusive access to all our facilities and events. Take the first step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Our Facilities

Unleash Your Potential With Mix of Fitness & Lifestyle Venues

Our Testimonials

Really Engaging everybody in all age groups. Had Amazing Time. Thank You.

– Philip John

Very Energetic and Engaging, Getting ready for strength challenges now.

– Surekha Adekar

Very well managed event, Felt amazing. Looking forward for more events like this.

– Shanta Kinare


The Thane Club offers various membership options, including Couple, Family, Athlete,Senior Citizens, Female and Corporate Memberships. We are also currently offering a special woman’s membership for single females to unwind and relax the luxurious facilities TTC has to offer.

Benefits and Perks:

  • Voucher Benefits:

Couples and Families: Up to ₹1,50,000/- worth of vouchers on fresh memberships.

  • Dining and Banquets:

Flat 20% discount on all three restaurants: Magna Cafe, Masaledar, and ViVi – Italian Bar and Kitchen.

Flat 20% discount on banquets bookings for special events and occasions.

Accommodations: Flat 20% discount on bookings for accommodations, providing a comfortable stay for members and their guests.


  • World-Class Facilities:

Access to 4 Swimming Pools, including an Olympic Size Pool.
2 Gymnasiums equipped with modern fitness equipment.
2 Badminton Courts and 1 Squash Court for sports enthusiasts.
Indoor and Outdoor facilities for various recreational activities.

  • Health and Wellness:

Fitness programs and expert trainers to guide members towards their fitness goals. Yoga and meditation classes for holistic well-being. Swimming as a low-impact exercise for overall health and relaxation.

  • Family-Oriented Environment:

Events and activities catering to all age groups. Kids Pool and safe play areas for  children. Family-friendly ambiance promoting quality time with loved ones.


  • Networking and Community:

Connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs within the vibrant community of The Thane Club. Networking opportunities through events and gatherings.

  • Convenient Location:

Situated in a prime location, offering easy accessibility for members residing in Thane and nearby areas.

Easiest way to apply is always to Visit Us –  so that you get first hand experience of the club and its benefits. A Proper Tour and Understanding the Perks and Benefits of the Club will help you make a better and informed investment in your Health and Wellness Priorities.

Option 1: You can Simply call our memberships team on the given number and book yourself a tour of the club.

Option 2: Visit our website at thethaneclub.com and click on the “Membership” section.
Once you fill in the required information, the membership team will get in touch with you with all the necessary details.

Membership fees vary based on the type of membership and duration. For detailed information about fees, please refer to the membership section on our website, use the calculator to find out the best and suitable type of membership for you or contact our membership team.

Some facilities may have nominal charges for specific services, events, or classes. Rest, once you become a member of The Thane Club, you will have complete access to the entire property free of charge for the tenure your membership is valid till.

Yes, as a member, you are allowed to bring guests. However, there are guest fees applicable, and guest access do have certain restrictions as to the number of visits and also during peak hours or special events.

There are numerous number of activities that you can participate:

  • Yoga Classes.
  • Aqua Zumba
  • Coffee Art
  • Wine Tasting  

Yes, membership upgrades are possible based on availability and eligibility. Please contact our membership team for more information and assistance.

Membership transferability is subject to the club’s policies and approval. Please reach out to our membership team to discuss the transfer process and requirements.

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