Bar In Thane

The Thane Club is coming with a bar that will serve more than just a drink. Unlike other bars in Thane, our bar houses top-shelf spirits, award-winning wines, and amazing accompaniments. Our bar allows you to relieve the stress after a tough day at work. Be it for business or pleasure, you can have a memorable time at our bar in Thane. Music is played at conversation level volumes and is a mix of retro pop, rock ballads, and lounge mixes. We try to unwind you with routine tautness with our elegant aura. You can have a fantastic time with your friends, have a night out with someone special, or even discuss business details over drinks.

We believe in a quaint little no-nonsense sports bar in Thane. Our venue is a go-to for a soothing atmosphere. It is simple yet lavish, with its contemporary, luxurious seating and wonderfully lit decor. We got a widescreen TV and a grand dance floor that allows our guests to pour in during special occasions such as cricket matches, football matches,  making it the perfect sports bar in Thane to head to for soaking up the competition. We are reasonably priced. Our bar offers a perfect choice for groups who want to hang out and have a relaxing time. Our bar is loved by hardcore-party lovers or anyone who wants to enjoy the nighttime.

Our bar at The Thane Club has put together a fantastic mix of a great wine list, champagne cocktails, snacks, appetisers, and dinner platters. We focus on delivering quality service each time to our guests by following a standard set of protocols among our staff.

The Thane Club welcomes you to have a relaxing time in our bar.


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