Yoga In Thane

Experience tranquillity and achieve your daily dose of mental, physical and emotional well being with ecstatic yoga sessions at the exclusive space present at The Thane Club. You can also upgrade the physical health and improve general fitness, weight control and burn more calories with brilliant aerobic exercises along with your peers at the best Yoga in The Thane Club. The Thane Club also has a lively space for Aerobics session & Gym. Start your day with a healthy hour plan at the Yoga classes in The Thane Club. A yoga session per day will develop your body flexibility, muscle strength, respiration and weight reduction. Our fitness studio in Thane is one of the best that you can find around the city. We have professional Yoga trainers to help you have a safe, exciting Yoga session and motivate your health goals. We also provide one-on-one training to those who are interested in Yoga and who own the club membership. Yoga in Thane city is slowly coming of age with several people practising it. Don’t practice YOGA to get better at YOGA, practice YOGA to get better at living! Step in at The Thane Club.


Expert Tutors

Get professionally trained and set your health goals high with the Yoga & Aerobic experts at The Thane Club

Transform with Yoga

Sync your body and mind with peaceful yoga sessions in the quaint atmosphere of the Thane club

Get Fit with Aerobic

Propel your fitness levels with an effective aerobic session that combines rhythmic exercise, stretching and strength training