The Thane Club intensely focuses on the fitness of its members and wants to assure its members not only physical activities but also mental activities. Our club hosts a sublime swimming pool, dominant badminton court, and superior squash court. The availability of such deluxe facilities hides the importance of indoor games that enhances the mental strength of our members and their family. We have two such facilities to improve the mental strength of our members through playingCarrom and Chess in Thane.


The main advantage of having the Carrom facility is that it gives the parents a great way to spend valuable time with the children. As the kids play Carrom, various educational skills can be enhanced. While playing such games a bonding is developed within the families. They offer a great chance for family members to remain stress-free and refresh their minds. Carrom helps in enhancing the logical reasoning power in children. The children can play and have fun at the same time at our club. They can practice skills like counting, reading, visual perception, and hand-eye coordination, etc. This inspires children to involve themselves in healthy competitions and verbal communication. Carrom in Thane city is becoming popular as it enhances hand-eye coordination and concentration.

There are also several health benefits to playing carrom, which generally comes both mentally and physically. Many researchers have found out that challenging the brain with mentally stimulating leisure activities can decrease health risks. Also, it can help kids to master problem-solving and cognitive skills.


Chess challenges the brain by stimulating the growth of dendrites, the part of neuron cells that sends out signals to other brain’s neuron cells. With more dendrites, neural communication within the brain improves. Playing chess helps unleash your originality as it activates the right side of the brain, the side that is responsible for creativity. It helps in enhancing the creative capability of the children. Playing chess can boost deep concentration and calm that is helpful in relaxing patients who experience various degrees of anxiety. Chess in Thane city is becoming the goto indoor game for children to sharpen their cognitive skills.

The Thane Club is one of the amazing venues for hosting indoor competitions and has hosted several competitions in the past. If you are interested in excelling and testing your mental strength among other fellow competitors, you are welcome.